Missouri Exports

Record Year for Missouri Exports

Missouri's $14.1 billion in 2011 exports is a 9 percent growth from the 2010 total, according to the U.S. Census Bureau Foreign, Trade Disvision, WISERTrade: State NAICS Database. Quarterly averages exceeded $3.5 billion and were led by second and fourth quarter activity. Fourteen export categories increased exports by over $10 million, including five which increased by over $100 million. The top two categories for net increases in exports were Transportation Equipment with a $357.1 million increase and Minerals and Ores with a $311.5 million increase. The fastest growing export categories include Petroleum and Coal Products (209%) and Prepackaged Software (111%).

Four industries exceeded $1 billion in exports and account for 63 percent of all 2011 exports. They include Transportation Equipment ($3.3 billion), Chemicals ($2.7 billion), Machinery ($1.4 billion), and Food and Kindred Products ($1.4 billion). The top export for Transportation Equipment was Motor Vehicles, which posted 23 percent growth. Second was Aerospace Products and Parts, despite its negative growth of 21 percent. Pharmaceuticals and Medicines was the fastest growing export of the Chemicals industry with an 11 percent change over 2010. Chemicals was also boosted by over $1 billion in Basic Chemicals sales despite its negative growth of 13 percent.

Missouri's Top Fourteen Exports in 2011 (in millions) Graph 

Export Partners

Half of all Missouri's export income came from the top three recipients. Canada purchased $4.3 billion in goods, followed by Mexico ($1.4 billion), and China ($1.2 billion). The top eight export recipients remained unchanged from 2010; but Netherlands jumped from 12th to 9th bumping Brazil and United Kingdom down one position each.

A significant growth in the purchase of Petroleum and Coal Products helped boost Netherlands rank. Canada spent an additional $195 million on Transportation Equipment. China doubled the value of Food and Kindred Products it imported to more than $76 million. Germany more than tripled its purchase of Computer and Electronic Products.

Missouri's Top Ten Export Partners 2011 (in millions) Graph

2011 Rank 2010 Rank  Country Total  Net Change 2010-2011 Percent Change 2010-2011 
 1 1 Canada $4,266,789,286  $270,570,246 6.8%
 2 2 Mexico $1,440,751,680  $136,515,417 10.5%
 3 3 China $1,160,825,716  $173,430,737 17.6%
 4 4 Korea, Republic Of $608,399,604  -$46,905,048 -7.2%
 5 5 Japan $590,617,922  -$5,362,656 -0.9%
 6 6 Belgium $543,275,978  $67,609,368 14.2%
 7 7 Singapore $422,481,777  $50,745,325 13.7%
 8 8 Germany $396,463,350  $51,822,640 15.0%
 9 12 Netherlands $386,638,771  $132,568,500 52.2%
10  9 Brazil $322,845,539  -$5,978,831 -1.8%

Global Regions

The chart to the aboveshows the destination, by continent, of Missouri's 2011 exports. Asia and Europe each increased the share of Missouri exports they received by more than 1 percent over 2010. Europe with a 19 percent growth rate and Asia with 15 percent are the fastest growing recipients of Missouri exports. North America is third with 8 percent growth followed by Africa with 4 percent. Oceania and South America had negative growth from the ten-year record highs seen in 2010.

In the past ten years Missouri exports increased from $6,786,748,197 to $14,145,445,175, which is just over 100 percent growth. South America is the fastest growing region with a 10-year growth of 490 percent, followed by Asia (274%), Africa (215%), Oceania (107%), Europe (88%), and North America (51%).

2011 Exports by Region Chart

Missouri Exports to the World in 2011

Missouri Exports to the World in 2011 Map