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Delta Regional Authority
236 Sharkey Avenue, Suite 400
Clarksdale, MS  38614

Dear Fellow Governors and Federal Co-Chair Pete Johnson:

I am happy to provide the following list of applications for funding under the Delta Authority Program in the State of Missouri.  We received applications totaling requests of more than $3.8 million to undertake various projects in the region.

The projects have been rated and reviewed based upon need, compliance with the law, leverage and priorities of the Authority and State Plan.  I believe each of these projects will provide significant benefit to the region and improve the quality of life for Missourians.  These projects exemplify the intent of the Authority and will help generate much needed economic and community development.

MO-2561  City of Winona - storm water control at Industrial Park


MO-2579  City of Perryville – install turn lane into TG Missouri plant- professional service costs


MO-2584  SEMO University – equipment for Innovation center


MO-2628  Bollinger County – Laflin Bridge project – land acquisition and related professional services


MO-2691  Dent County – IDA facility expansion


MO-2693  City of Bourbon – water line extension to Industrial Park


MO-2730  City of Kennett – access road into Industrial Park, Demolition and related professional services


MO-2731  New Madrid Port Authority – Truck Scales for Port Industrial Park


MO-2732  Scott City – Ramsey Creek Bridge project


MO-2742  St. John Levee and Drainage District – Flood Control project


Total Request


I fully support each of these projects and ask that you approve them for funding. 


Bob Holden


Summary of pre-applications recommended for 2004 DRA Grant funding


Applicant:  City of Winona

Recommended Grant Amount:  $25,000

Description of project:

Applicant:  City of Fredericktown

Description of project:  The addition of a substation to allow the City of Fredericktown an orderly transition to a modern distribution voltage without a major upgrade of the existing conductor.  The current station is near its capacity.  Two of the major employers in the area are planning substantial expansions and the area has grown considerably over the last two years, both residentially and commercially.   There are overload problems currently being experienced and these problems will increase as the community continues to see growth.

Applicant:  City of Houston

Description of project:  This project includes the widening of Highway 17 north at the intersection of Industrial Drive.  The widening will allow for the construction of turning lanes into the industrial park.  There will also be an extension of pavement on to industrial access roads to serve new industries in the park.  An existing storm water detention basin will also be expanded. 

Applicant:  Meramec Regional Planning Commission

Description of project:  This project will involve the strengthening of 31 bridges in a four county area.  MRPC will work with local elected officials and the University of Missouri – Rolla and the Missouri Department of Transportation to identify these bridges.  The University has been working with Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) materials which has recently emerged as a practical alternative for the construction and renovation of bridges.  FRP strengthening of bridges have had an average cost savings of nearly 70 percent over conventional methods.  In addition to cost savings, time required to strengthen bridges is decreased by about 90 percent.  The bridge strengthening is anticipated to benefit both the residents and commercial users of the area.

Applicant:  City of Mountain Grove – Central Business District

Description of project:  This project allows for the creation of a business incubator program.  Activities include the purchase and renovation of the building to be rented at a reduced rate to entrepreneurs who could not otherwise afford commercial space.  Educational seminars and material will also be provided to the entrepreneurs during their time in the incubator program, as well as mentoring from others who already have an established business and the Small Business Administration.  This project will not only benefit the entrepreneurs enrolled in the program but also the existing businesses, city government, and the community as a whole through the generation of revenues and job creation. 

Applicant:  City of Neelyville

Description of project: Improvements included in this project include ditch rehabilitation within the City of Neelyville and also the large ditches which are the main conveyers of water from the area.  Once the improvements are made the city will set up a maintenance schedule to assure the continued function of the ditches.

Applicant:  New Bourbon Regional Port Authority

Description of project:  The funds provided through this application will be used to provide matching funds necessary for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to complete the Small River Navigation Project Study.  This study is a necessary step before the project can be qualified for federal construction assistance.  The Port Authority has proven there is a need for a public barge transfer facility to serve industries in this area through a survey of manufacturers and distributors in Southeast Missouri.  The Small Rivers Navigation Project must be completed so that the Corps of Engineers can participate in the initial dredging of the harbor to allow for the completion of the New Bourbon port.   

Applicant:  Pemiscot County Port Authority

Description of project:  The Pemiscot County Port Authority is applying for funds to purchase and install required safety devices for the 10 rail crossings within the Hayti, MO city limits.   A field inspection of the crossings has been completed and a list of necessary improvements required was provided by the Motor Carrier and Rail Safety Division.   Eight of the crossings will require passive devices consisting of cross bucks and pavement markings.  The other two crossings cross major thoroughfares, State Highway 84/412 and Old U.S. Highway 61/State Route J.  Highway 412 requires cantilevered flashing light signals and gates.  State Route J requires flashing light signals and gates.  Rehabilitation of this part of the spur is complete and could start generating revenue as a rail car storage area if the signals were in place. 

Applicant:  Phelps County

Description of project:  Phelps County proposes to replace the slab crossing with a concrete span bridge.  The new bridge will have a 25 foot span between concrete abutments with a driving surface of 22 feet, eight inches.  The bridge will have a five foot elevation, designed to withstand a ten-year storm recurrence interval.  Steel guard rails will be installed along each side of the new bridge.  The count will provide fill material and grade the approaches to the new bridge.  The use of this bridge has increased significantly with the expansion of Ft. Leonard Wood.  The current slab crossing is impassable during and after storm events, cutting off this major route and forcing travelers to use longer alternate routes. 

Applicant:  City of Poplar Bluff

Description of Project:  This application requests assistance with road improvements leading to the local Three Rivers Community College.  A recent increase in development in the area, as well as growth and expansion of the college have lead to concerns with the volume of traffic and the safety of the existing TRCC Boulevard.  Many of the adjoining properties are already considering commercial development.  The straightening and widening of TRCC Boulevard is essential to ensure the safety of the increasing number of pedestrians and motorists in this area, and to facilitate further development of the area. 

Applicant:  Southeast Missouri Regional Planning and Economic Development Commission

Description of Project:  The proposed project involves expanding the loan capacity of the Commission under its Revolving Loan Fund Program.  It is intended that the funds acquired through the DRA will be used to leverage additional funds in USDA Intermediary Relending Program funds.  These loan funds will assist in job development and expansion of businesses of various types.   At present, the Commission’s loan funds are loaned out, and additional loans cannot be made of any magnitude until payments are made by those presently holding loans. 

Applicant:  Southeast Missouri Regional Port Authority

Description of Project:  Funds will be used to fill 12 acres.  At this time the Port is prevented from attracting more industries due to a lack of acreage which is protected from flooding.   By filling these sites the Port Authority will be able to attract industry and will improve the area economically through revenues and job creation. 

Applicant:  Southeast Missouri State University

Description of project:  The completion of a new campus Agriculture Plant Science Greenhouse to attract biotechnology business to the region and to the planned Technology Research Park.    Results from applied research completed at this facility  would improve the productivity and productivity of agriculture in the 29 county region.  The Department of Agriculture would us all available mechanisms to distribute the successful results of work done in the facility including Extended Learning and Continuing Education efforts at the four Higher Education Centers in the region.  The Department would also coordinate with the University of Missouri Delta Center and Missouri Extension.

Applicant:  Southeast Missouri State University

Description of Project:  The Small Business Development Center of  Southeast Missouri State University  proposes to take a two-pronged approach to small business development creating economic opportunity and self-sufficiency for the citizens of southeast Missouri.  One –by providing business management training using proven curricula targeting individuals interested in starting business ventures and assisting existing businesses enhance their business management skills, and therefore, their chances for success. Two- by creating a Micro-Loan Revolving Fund to provide financing up to $5,000 per individual for sole source start-up or expansion financing, gap financing or to augment other sources of financing. 

Applicant:  Southeast Missouri State University- Kennett Area Higher Education Center

Description of Project:  The proposed project is to renovate space in the old grocery store currently occupied by the University in order to build four additional classrooms.  This project will provide the Center with the facility space to continue to reach out and expand the availability of post secondary and Adult Education & Literacy opportunities to citizens of the Bootheel. 

Applicant:  City of Theodosia

Description of project:  The proposed sewer system will be extended to all areas of the community.  Approximately two hundred customers will be connected to the system.  The project will consist of the construction of a re-circulating intermittent sand filter system with a septic tank, filter bed, and dosing tank.  Additional components of the treatment system include re-circulation pumps, electrical service work, piping and valves, U.V.  disinfecting, and earthwork.