"For Missouri’s economy to get back on the right track and for us to create good-paying jobs, we must do everything we can to encourage the development and growth of small businesses," Gov. Nixon said. "That′s what my Show Me JOBS plan is all about – putting Missourians back to work and supporting small–business growth during these difficult economic times."

"One of the executive orders I signed directed the Department of Economic Development to work with the Missouri Development
Finance Board to create a pool of funds for low–interest or no–interest direct loans for small businesses," Gov. Nixon said.
"These loans can be a real step toward allowing small businesses to expand and create jobs."

Governor Nixon's News Release

Loan Application Instructions:

  • Loan applications must be made on this form;
  • One (1) original signed copy shall be postmarked or delivered to:

    Missouri Department of Economic Development
    Governor Nixon′s Small Business Loan Program
    301 West High Street, Suite 770
    P.O. Box 118
    Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

  • All loan applications shall be accompanied by at least two (2), originally signed, letters of character from Missouri citizens (names, addresses and telephone numbers included) who have personal and business relationships with the applicant (at least one letter from a personal relationship and one letter from a business relationship):
  • Loan applications that are not complete (all questions answered) or in compliance with steps 1–4 above may be considered non-responsive and eliminated from the initial lottery selection system;
  • Applicants chosen for award will be required to complete additional loan paperwork prior to accessing the loan funds.